Hydraulic Manifolds

Hydraulic Manifolds

What is a Hydraulic Manifold?

A hydraulic manifold is a component within a hydraulic system used to regulate the flow of fluid which in turn controls the transfer of power between actuators, pumps and other components. The flow of pressurised fluid is controlled by hydraulic valves and directed to a working device such as a hydraulic cylinder or motor.

Energy Saving Manifold Design

Hydraulic manifold design has become increasingly important as the demand for reducing energy costs and improving efficiency continues to rise. Optimized circuitry provides benefits in terms of reduced pressure drop and reduced heat generation, while reductions in weight and size aid installation and save space.

With the benefit of a shortened hydraulic flow paths, performance is boosted and machine control functions are enhanced. By reducing the number of hydraulic connections and the improvements to hose routing, hydraulic leakage is also greatly reduced. Our high-quality manifolds incorporate all of these benefits enabling considerable reductions in energy consumption and running costs.



Hydraulic manifolds benefit from being reliable, flexible and compact and by using multi function cartridge valves it is possible to combine numerous control functions into a single manifold. The various states of the interconnected valves allow for complex control behaviors within the manifold. Upgrading or replacing valves can also be done easily with any down time reduced to a minimum.

Typical applications for hydraulic manifolds include heavy construction equipment, farm equipment, marine, off-highway equipment, material handling equipment and quarrying equipment

Product Scope & Control Options

• Controls selected from large range of cartridge and sub-plate mounted valves
• Manual, mechanical, pilot operated, electro-hydraulic, proportional
• Directional, pressure, flow, load-holding controls
• Large choice of voltage and termination options (incl. environmental proofed coils)
• Large choice of port sizes and types
• Manifold materials: High grade aluminium and steel
• Various protective coatings

Benefits of Hydraulic Manifold Systems

• Custom designed total control assembly
• Efficient and energy saving – large flow paths, minimised pressure drops
• Compact
• Ease of installation and maintenance
• Reduced Leakage
• Aesthetic
• Cost effective
• Simplified ordering

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