Heat Exchangers

Air-Oil Cooler

Air-oil coolers as the name states are a type of heat exchanger that make use of oil for cooling purposes. Engine oil coolers/ heat exchangers are small radiators placed in front of engines, in most cases automobile with a fan present. Air-oil coolers can be triggered by the engine when in operation or some cases at specific intervals during motor operation to regulate temperature.

Air-oil heat exchangers are often Bar and Fin cooler or Plate and Fin type coolers depending on design structure in which heat is transferred continuously from heated oil to air without adding energy in the process. This process is major as a result of cooling fins being attached to the heat sink, which in turn increases its surface area to greater cooling effectiveness.

The basic concept of air oil coolers is that the heated oil flows on one side of a thin corrugated metal plate while having the opposing cooler air on the other side. The system enables an easy flow of heat between the oil to the air.

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Oil Water Cooler

Tubular oil cooler mainly by the back cover, shell back cover and cooling devices and other components. The shell is a seamless steel pipe structure with two flanges welded to the tubing and tubing.In the shell with a tube plug, used to vent the accumulation of air in the body, oil and water. The cooling device is mainly composed of heat transfer tubes, tube plate, floating tube plate, partitions, baffles and other components. The ends of the pipe are expanded and fixed to the fixed tube plate and the floating tube plate on both sides. Fixed tube, the plate and the oil heat exchanger housing are secured together, while the floating tube plate is freely mounted on the housing. This eliminates the effect of temperature on the thermal expansion of the heat exchanger. Both the baffle and the baffle are enhanced heat transfer.

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