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Market leaders in the design, manufacture and supply of mobile hydraulic solution.

Hydraulic-units is specialized in the construction and delivery of hydraulic installations, components and drives. We operate in different industry sectors like  agriculture, shipping and mining.

We have the capability to design and manufacture bespoke manifolds. We also hold a vast stock of premium brand hydraulic and electronic components. This is combined with a wealth of system and application knowledge. Our company prides itself on delivering fit for purpose, cost effective and reliable systems. Our Hydraulic systems section provides an insight into the many applications we support.

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Hydraulic Power Packs

In basic terms, a hydraulic power pack is a self-contained unit that consists mainly of a motor, a reservoir and a hydraulic pump. Using fluid to transmit power from one location to another, hydraulic power packs can generate massive amounts of power which can be used to drive hydraulic machinery..

Motors & Gear Motors

Hydraulic motors convert fluid pressure into rotary motion.

A gearmotor is an all-in-one combination of an electric motor and a gearbox. This makes it a simple, cost-effective solution for high-torque, low-speed applications because it combines a motor with a gear reducer system.

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Agriculture Equipments

Marine Industry

Waste & Recycling

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