Metaris MH101/102 Series Dump Pumps

MH101/102 Series Dump Pumps

Genuine Metaris Dump Pumps are known for their ruggedness, reliability and interchangeability. Available in both the 101 Remote Mount and the 102 Direct Mount configurations and C or G frames, these pumps offer cast iron construction, a variety of displacements and “Air Shift” capabilities.

We also offer Dump Pump accessores such as: Air Shift Kits and L Mounting Brackets. The Genuine Metaris airshift cylinder converts a manual pump into an airshift dump pump. This unit can be factory installed or sold separately.

Metaris MH Series Dump Pump Specifications

Pump series
Displacement (in³)
Flow at 1200 RPM
Pressure (psi)



5.1 to 6.38

1.48 to 3.94




26.5 to 33.1

7.6 to 20.4

2000 to 2500

2000 to 2500