Flucom .s.r.l  is a leading global manufacturer of Hydraulic Cartridge Valves. The Flucom range of ISO valves is large and comprehensive, and based on four different ISO Cavity sizes (20 - 30 - 50 - 70). At present more than 200 different models are produced, with flows up to 400 l/min and pressure up to 420 bar.

All Flucom valves in the same size range are interchangeable among themselves, quite apart from their function. This considerable flexibility is a significant advantages in valve utilisation and manifold design. Continuous product development and market research ensures a steady increase in the overall product range.

Product Assortment

Cetop Bodies

Cetop bodies

Directional control

Flow control

Logic control

Motion control

Pressure reducing

Pressure relief

Proportional solenoid

Sequence valve

Solenoid (poppet-type)

Solenoid (spool-type)

Standard bodies